CBS Statement Regarding Covid-19

We at CBS consider the health and well-being of our clients and employees the highest of priorities.  As the coronavirus event continues to evolve and unfold in the U.S., we want to share with you what Complete Business Systems (CBS) is doing to service you and your organization.  Our current business plan is to continue providing the best level of support for you as possible, while we responsibly navigate this challenging health situation. Our management and leadership teams are currently meeting regularly to monitor the situation and ensure both employee and customer safety.

In an effort to lower the health risk to everyone, our technical staff and customer service teams are employing an initial “Phone Fix” for your products and services and we will be dispatching technicians only after all other options have been exhausted and with customer approval . In order to reduce personal contact, we are asking our technicians to limit access to our CBS building.  Furthermore, we have suspended our sales representatives from making unwarranted in-person sales calls, without essential reasons to do so or at the request of a customer.

As an added layer of safety, we ask that you share your organization’s expectations to our team members who may come to provide service at your work site. This would include immediately sharing with us if there would be a situation that would put one of our employees at risk… Thank you in advance for this.

Many companies have asked CBS for help in assisting them with their work from home set up.  This includes, but not limited to, computers, phone systems and printing devices.  As always, we are happy to offer any assistance we can in helping you and your business adapt to these challenging times.  Our plan is to remain as fully-operational as possible under these circumstances and deliver the great customer experience you have always counted on.

We want you to know that CBS takes great pride in being chosen to support you and your organization and are wholly committed to working closely with you during these challenging times.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Complete Business Systems representative or call (303) 467-9080.

In closing, we offer our deepest and sincerest thoughts and prayers to all impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

With all of the new technology and software available in today’s workplace, it can be overwhelming to get an understanding of what is necessary and what is superfluous.  From CRM’s to managed service providers, owners and administrators have a lot of options and strategies to consider when approaching business technology.

One of the most important strategies to consider is business continuity.

Put simply, business continuity is the strategy for maintaining functionality and performance through potential network threats or problems.  These threats range from benign problems like software mishaps to more serious issues like dealing with ransomware.  Most large organizations have processes in place due to compliance requirements or because they have a wealth of private or sensitive information.  A solid business continuity plan allows these corporations to protect themselves from losing sensitive information or experiencing large amounts of downtime due to an unforeseen event.  Anything from weather disasters or hacker attacks can be mitigated by having redundant backups and geographically diverse server locations.

Business continuity has multiple facets that contribute to the overall outcome.  One of the most important pieces is disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery is the piece of a business continuity plan that directly pertains to dealing with data loss, downtime, and external threats.  Since every business operates differently, no two disaster recovery plans are the same.

This is extremely important to highlight because many companies try to approach disaster recovery with a singular approach.  Unfortunately, one strategy doesn’t often apply to more than one business.

When designing and implementing a disaster recovery plan, multiple variables need to be considered.  Everything from compliance protocol, industry, number of employees, number of offices, network size, workflow, and standard operational procedures are just a few of the variables that need to be considered.

There is a wealth of misconception and misunderstanding about what makes for a good disaster recovery plan.  Many people assume that keeping data on an extra thumb drive is sufficient when in fact, the thumb drive itself could be hacked and compromised and then used as a tool to infiltrate other networks.  Disaster recovery solutions are not simplistic by design since proper network security and business continuity demands much more attention to detail and technical insight in today’s economy.

In conclusion, business continuity and disaster recovery plans are vital to any operating business.  These plans allow for maximum up-time while drastically reducing threats to sensitive information and data.  All of these solutions are customized and scalable to allow for businesses of any size to ensure consistent performance and safe digital operations.