Document Security

Privacy and network security are now more important than ever before. Bad document security can threaten your business or organization and cause potentially irreparable damage.

We will walk you through some of the potential threats of dated document security below.

Financial Threats

Without proper document protection, your data may be vulnerable to targeted attacks from hackers and malware. Especially common these days is the 'ransomeware' attack, where hackers encrypt your data then sell you the metaphorical key for a large sum of money.

A ransomeware attack, or any other hacker or malware attack, can have severe financial penalties for you and your business. Ransomeware, in particular, can demand upwards of several thousands of dollars to free your data from its encryption. However, this can be very easily avoided by ensuring data protection safeguards are always in place.

Document Security

Document Security

Legal Threats

Privacy protocols are taken more seriously now than they have ever been before, and failure to abide by these protocols properly can put you in legal trouble.

Especially if your firm deals with private or sensitive information, holes in your network's protection can mean that information is released into the public. In such circumstances, your firm would be in violation of major compliance standards and potentially liable for the damages caused by the leak.

Solid document security is one of the best ways to prevent potentially devastating legal disputes.

Operational Threats

Compromised network infrastructure can mean consequences for your firm's operation, even down to its basic day-to-day tasks.

In the event of a compromise or ransomeware attack, hackers can potentially take your network - and everything hooked up to it - offline with no easy way to recover. In these cases, there is no timetable for how long your business could be down, and no way to know what or how much of your data has been compromised.

Lost sales, a worsened company reputation, and costly repair and recovery fees are only some of the operational threats to worry about.

Document Security

Document Security

How Document Management Services Work

Having a comprehensive document security plan is essential to avoid these risks. Document management solutions directly address these threats through numerous preemptive security measures including the following:

  • Assess the specific risks within in the network or workflow
  • Implement accurate and appropriate security for all of your devices
  • We manage software updates within the security infrastructure
  • Minimize paper records
  • Uses OCR to transfer hand-written documents to a digital storage place
To learn more about document security solutions, contact us today to set up a network assessment!

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