Disaster Recovery

Technology has done a lot to improve how businesses operate. However, the evolution comes with risk.

Having a proper disaster recovery plan in place is vital in todays business world.

What are the Threats?

The main two threats to operating businesses that require a disaster recovery plan are natural disasters and hackers. Natural disasters are somewhat self-explanatory and so are the strategies to avoid being compromised. We offer solutions with geographical redundancies to ensure that if your data is compromised in your main location, there is a back-up readily available to keep your data safe and business running.

Hackers and ransomware are the other threats and require a more complex strategy. There are numerous ways to infiltrate your network ranging from malicious links in emails to text messages. One lapse in judgement from an employee on your network can be catastrophic. Once someone takes your data for ransom, they can potentially destroy your business or cripple you financially. It’s a very costly mistake that requires a minimal investment to completely avoid.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

How Does It Work?

  • Assessment - We start by assessing your network to learn what technology and users are at risk and also what kind of risks they are vulnerable.
  • Expectations – Next we lay out a detailed plan to ensure that we have the right plans and expectations in place.
  • Implementation – Once we have a clear understanding for what kind of strategy you need and how it will work we then set it in place and ensure functionality
  • Optimization – Once the plan is in place we continue to work with you to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities as you change, evolve, and replace your technology and software

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