Disaster Recovery

Technology has done a lot to improve how businesses operate. However, the evolution comes with risk. Having a proper IT disaster recovery plan in place is vital in today's business world.

What are the Threats?

The main two threats to your business’s operation that require an IT disaster recovery plan are natural disasters and hackers. 

Natural disasters are somewhat self-explanatory and so are the strategies to avoid being compromised. As they can happen at any time with little warning, having full, reliable backups of your data is paramount. We offer solutions with geographical redundancies to ensure that if your data is compromised in your main location, there is a back-up readily available to keep your data safe and your business going.

The other threat is cyber crime. Hackers and ransomware require a more complex approach to data security. There are numerous ways to infiltrate your business’s network, ranging from malicious links in emails, also known as phishing attacks, to malicious text messages or phone calls. One lapse in judgement from any employee on your network can be catastrophic.

IT Disaster Recovery

The Risks of Forgoing IT Disaster Recovery

Once someone takes your data for ransom, they can potentially destroy your business or cripple you financially. What’s more, is that ransomware and hacking techniques are constantly evolving - what’s secure today is very likely to be vulnerable in the relatively near future. Falling victim to a cybercrime attack is a very costly mistake, but one that requires a minimal investment to completely avoid.

But no matter the circumstances, having digital backups provide more than just data safety - they provide peace of mind. Without backups, you’re lacking the means to quickly rebound from an unforeseen disaster, or in some cases even rebound at all. You can think of your disaster recovery plan as a form of insurance: while it may be cheaper to go without an IT disaster recovery plan in the short term, when a disaster does occur it may be devastating to your business, potentially costing you thousands of dollars or more, perhaps even your entire business.

How Does It Work?

    • Assessment - We start by assessing your network to learn what technology and which users are at risk, and determine the type of risks to which these elements are vulnerable.
    • Expectations – Next, we lay out a detailed plan for you to ensure that our process will be correct for your situation, and to give you an idea of what you expect as a result of our operation.
    • Implementation – Once we have a clear understanding for what kind of strategy you need and how it will work, we put our plan into action and begin working our hardest to ensure that as much of your data is backed up as possible. Our decades of experience in the IT disaster recovery business means that we’ll have your plan up and running in no time, and your business back on its feet as quickly as possible if your network is ever compromised. 
    • Optimization – Once the plan is in place we continue to work with you to ensure that there continue to be no vulnerabilities in your business’s systems, even as you change, replace or upgrade your technology and software.

Disaster Recovery

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