Hosted Cloud Services

Hosted cloud services are becoming more and more popular in numerous professional verticals.

By leveraging new technology and cloud based platforms, businesses are finding opportunities to free up office space, reduce overhead costs, improve efficiencies, and enhance data security.
Why Are People Moving to the Cloud

Cloud based solutions are the future of how people do business. These hosted cloud services give an unprecedented amount of mobility and security that they would otherwise not have, granting a unique advantage in many different respects. Cloud-hosted solutions are creating until now unheard of flexibility, responsiveness, and speed of doing business. 

One of the key reasons people move to the cloud is its scalability. Instead of paying for costly on-site upgrades to your network as your business grows, cloud-based services allow for easy, seamless expansion of your network whenever you need it.  Our scalability allows us to serve you an exact and appropriately-sized cloud-based solution that takes all of your needs into account, all while remaining within your budget.

Complete Business Systems offers a consultative and guided approach to moving our clients to the cloud. 

Hosted Cloud Services

Benefits of a Hosted Cloud Service
  • It allows for remote accessibility without WiFi dependency. As WiFi isn’t available everywhere and is not 100% reliable, cloud-based services allow you access at any time, despite technical difficulties, spotty wireless service, and so on.
  • We also set up multiple redundancies to ensure uninterrupted uptime. Consistent uptime is more important than ever for many business networks, and with multiple redundancies you can rest assured that your network will remain online, no matter what may come.
  • You can manage your IT infrastructure off the premises. This means you can view and modify your network and services from anywhere in the world, granting your business profound flexibility.
  • You will no longer need to invest in on-site hardware. With hosted cloud services, you can factor out your pricey hardware expenses.
Why Complete Business Solutions?

We customize your hosted cloud services to your unique needs. With the flexibility that hosted cloud services offer, you can tool yours to your business’s needs. Purchase new services, opt out of others - whatever your business demands, you can provide, quickly and easily.

At CBS, we prioritize data safety above everything else. We use servers that are encrypted and secure from any hackers. Our enterprise-grade protection ensures that your data is safe from cyber criminals. We constantly maintain any and all security and compliance standards to ensure a secure cloud environment.

Lastly, we’ll guide you through the buying and implementation process. We understand that cloud computing may be difficult for some of our clients to grasp at first, so we’ll offer to guide you through your migration to the cloud, from beginning to end.

Hosted Cloud Services

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