Workflow Solutions

Complete Business Systems offers multiple strategies for workflow optimization so you can find a solution designed around your processes

Basic Workflow Strategy:

This kind of strategy is almost totally manual. The workflow is managed by people with documents and data being passed between departments manually.

This is best for simple processes with few people as there are not any automated checks and balances in place to avoid errors. This is a solid option if you have someone responsible for managing and maintaining the integrity of the workflow.

Workflow Solutions

Workflow Solutions

Approval-Based Strategy:

This strategy is a combination of manual and automated processes. You can set up credentials within the workflow to maintain accountability and transparency. This strategy is great for any organization that has compliance standards to enforce or private information.

It is also a fantastic strategy for companies that need total accountability and visibility for how people pass and manage information. Every workflow strategy is scalable so this is a great solution for businesses of all sizes.

Fully-Automated Strategy:

A fully-automated workflow is essentially what it sounds like. This strategy is designed and customized around the internal processes of your business.

Once a document is scanned, the softwares can read and interpret where the document needs to go and what members of your team need to be notified. The process is totally transparent and allows for assigned credentials to maintain the security and efficiency of the workflow.

Any organization with a complex internal workflow that needs to simplify and streamline their process will save countless hours and overhead costs.

Workflow Solutions

The best way to determine which strategy best suits your organization is to have a document management specialist analyze your workflow. They can then recommend how to customize, scale, and select the best strategy for you.

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