Maximize Your Technology Investment With Our Tiered Color Program


It is no secret that even in remote working times like these, documents still need to be printed.  Everything from standard black and white documentation to colorful promotional banners advertising the latest meal delivery service promotion.  Furthermore, as we continue to push through these challenging times and restore a sense of normalcy and order to daily business, the demand for printing will likely increase dramatically.

With all the financial strain that has come with the last year of pandemic related social struggles, it is important now more than ever to ensure that you aren’t wasting important dollars on easily overlooked investments.  One of the heaviest costs that companies tend to overlook is the amount of time and money they invest in printing systems and supplies.  This is an easy error to make since waste happens in very small increments.  Perhaps printing a document with color more often than normal or printing different assets that use different amounts of color.  Each print job will only cost a few cents but once you factor in volume, that small amount can turn rather large quite quickly.

With challenges and circumstances like these in mind, CBS has developed a 3-tiered managed printing program to help minimize your overall investment and minimize waste.  The philosophy is quite simple.  Since you know what you print and have an idea of how much, we have put together flat-rates based on your colored ink usage.  The tiered design allows for flexibility and forgiveness with respect to printing practices.  Here is how they break down:

Tier 1 – Business Color/Low Coverage – This is perfect for standard business applications such as letterheads or standard financial statements.

Tier 2 – Creative Color/Medium Coverage – This tier is more for offices that create a lot of printed presentations with visuals like colored graphs or charts.

Tier 3 – Full Color/High Coverage – This is for businesses that design or produce large marketing pieces with high resolution imagery.

These optional printing programs are offered as part of any standard copier agreement.

Ever since rolling out the 3-tiered printing platform, CBS has saved overhead expenses for numerous clients and that list continues to grow.  With more and more clients using creative platforms like this, they can maximize their output without spending extra.

There simply is no good reason to waste dollars on printing anymore.  To learn more about rates or getting the platform started for your business please get in touch with us today!