Where You Can Find Printers & Copiers in 2022

If you’re in the market for technology right now, you’re no stranger to the fact that shortages, price hikes, and shipping delays are all the rage. With the number of places with office printers in stock declining, and the number of copiers and the like still in stock seemingly dropping by the hour, you aren’t alone if you’re wondering where you can buy office technology in 2022. Fortunately, you’re in luck if you’re still on the hunt for office printers in stock or any other office appliance. But first, let’s take a closer look at what exactly is going on in the market.

office printers in stock

Why Is Buying Tech Such a Hassle All of a Sudden?

If it feels like buying new equipment for your office is harder, more headache-inducing than ever, it’s not just you — businesses the world over are struggling to supply their offices with printers, copiers, and even basic ink. There are many individual reasons for this new phenomenon, but the single biggest factor probably won’t surprise you – the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world of tech manufacturing has been hit especially hard by the pandemic. From a lack of production specialists to a lack of raw materials, getting products to market has been a challenge for most tech industries as of late. If you’ve heard something about a “supply chain crisis” or “chip shortage” lately, this is just one area of the market that’s been affected by that crisis. And for this industry, among others, these COVID-19-induced crises and shortages aren’t appearing to let up any time soon.

While these tech firms haven’t completely ground their production to a halt, it’s still become quite a bit harder for businesses the world over to get office printers in stock, in addition to copiers, and other office technology they need. In other words, there’s a lot more scarcity than there was previously.

And with scarcity comes a whole host of issues for those looking to obtain new office equipment. From rising prices on new and used equipment, to longer shipping times and more delays, to ever more frequent “out of stock” notices when you’re trying to shop around, buying new tech for your office has truly become a hassle. And we get that, and we’re happy to be able to say that hope is not yet lost for you and your office.

The Best Place to Buy Office Technology in 2022

At Complete Business Systems, we are proud to announce that we have office printers in stock, office copiers in stock, and not to mention VOIP systems, multifunction copiers, every kind of ink and toner you can imagine, all in stock. Where other office technology suppliers are struggling to fill orders and meet their clients’ needs, CBS has been able to keep up with demand ever since these market issues began in 2020. And we’ll be able to keep on keeping our clients happy in both the immediate and more distant futures.

How is CBS Able to Supply Office Equipment When Other Suppliers Can’t?

Going beyond our integrated, close-knit relationships with our suppliers, we at CBS have one key area that sets us apart from your standard big-box office supply store – direct partnerships with all of your favorite, most trusted brands. Our close relationship with these brands — including Microsoft, HP, Kyocera, Ricoh and many more — ensure that we have priority over others when it comes to our order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Working with these brands directly give us a sort of VIP status, making CBS greater Denver’s premier office technology supplier.

Our expansive stock of used and refurbished office printers in stock and office copiers in stock allows us to supply a greater volume of equipment, at an even wider variety of price points. If you need the top of the line for your office, we can arrange for a brand-new piece of equipment for you. or if you need something more economical, consider a refurbished item. All of these and more are, of course, in stock.

How Organizations Can Start Focusing on Cyber Security

In recent times, cyber security has become a crucial aspect for companies across the globe. However, it is still not given the importance that it deserves. In 2021, there were 5 major cyber-attacks that involved ransomware, and millions of dollars were either stolen or extorted by cybercriminals. 

In April, Colonial Pipeline’s 100 gigabytes worth of data was stolen within two hours, and the company had to pay the hackers $4.4 million in Bitcoin. Later, the same year, Acer fell victim to an attack and had to pay $50 million, which is one of the biggest amounts to ever have been paid to date. 

The list can go on with numerous other companies such as Brenntag, JBS Foods, and more. All these cases have two simple yet significant learnings:

  • People need to start seeing cyber security as a business decision rather than an auxiliary part of a company’s infrastructure. 
  • Cyber security is not a one-time fix. It is an always-on, ever-evolving process that needs constant attention. 

Understanding this has never been more important. Ever since the global pandemic and the resultant lockdown, organizations have started moving towards digital transformation.

Companies are strategizing and devising plans for hybrid work models where people can work both on-premises and remotely. In fact, an Accenture report also stated that 63% of high-revenue growth companies chose to go with the hybrid model. Having a widely dispersed staff can compromise network security and shed light on your organization’s cyber security vulnerabilities. 

Document & Cyber Security

With such insights, it is evident that cyber security will play a key role in organizations and companies. So, what are the best cyber security practices to strengthen security and safeguard the organization? We put together a list below so you will know what to look for when you are looking for a cyber security partner to keep your organization safe.  

Best Practices to Improve Cyber Security

IT Security Audits

This can be a yearly or bi-yearly activity, where a company’s cyber security infrastructure goes through an audit by experienced vendors who specialize in the field. This way, you’ll know the gaps in the system and can fill them accordingly.

Training Workforce

A significant number of cyberattacks happen through spam, phishing emails, or employee systems in the organization. So, you must ensure that you spend time training your workforce, educating them about security, raising awareness, and also teaching the best practices. 

Contingency Plans

In the event of a disaster, there needs to be a well-structured plan that directs the personnel on various steps to take. For this, you must have an incident response team ready. This team can identify, contain, and eliminate cyberattacks, minimizing the impact of any security breach. 


Invest in insurance to save the business thousands and millions of dollars. Cyberattacks are inevitable, and with each passing day, their complexity and nature are evolving. Cyber security doesn’t guarantee safety; it merely decreases your chances of getting hacked. So, on a rainy day, when your organization faces an attack and incurs a loss, you should have insurance that cuts losses.


Overall, cyber security is something organizations, businesses, and essentially anyone owning a digital device needs to focus on. After all, the world is moving towards digitalization, and it is imperative that you keep your infrastructure safe. If you think your company could use a cyber security audit reach out to our team at Complete Business Systems today.


Business Development Representative

Complete Business Systems is an industry-leading, rapidly growing office technology firm specializing in document management, cloud hosting solutions, and IT support services.

Learn more about us at https://cbsofcolorado.com/about-us/

Our Team:

Our Business Development Representatives (BDR’s) work hand in hand with our Sales Leadership Team in uncovering, developing, and implementing solutions to a new and existing client base. Our company is passionate about transforming sales interactions into something that is personal, value-filled, and relationship-based.

The Opportunity:

You’ll be given the opportunity to learn and develop the fundamental skills necessary for an exciting career in Technology Sales. As a Business Development Representative or BDR, you will have access to the training and resources to be able to navigate the entire sales process. Our training process will be completely hands-on with a combination of classroom and real-life scenarios. This will give you the best opportunity for quick upward growth and maximized earnings. Once in the field, our Business Development Representatives cultivate warm leads into sales opportunities while learning our sales process from the ground up. Great opportunities to get promoted from within, many of our Sales Executives were promoted from the Business Development Representative position.

What You’ll Do:

  • You will be the first line of contact for inbound leads in your territory
  • You will be assisted with prospecting, qualifying, and closing of opportunities
  • You will be able to quickly research a company, identify potential opportunities, and strategize an approach to create interest for all types of companies and businesses.
  • You will work side by side with our sales leadership team to strategize and generate value for existing and potential clients
  • You will earn 100% of the commission from day one

Who You Are & What Makes You Qualified:

  • Quick learner with a positive, coachable attitude
  • Desire to be in “customer-facing” positions with career progression opportunities
  • A verifiable track record of success and goal attainment would be an added benefit
  • Have a passion for how technology is shaping the user experience
  • You have a great attitude, like to collaborate, and work with a growing team
  • You are curious: always looking for an opportunity to learn, grow, and give/receive feedback
  • You are a results-oriented individual who is excited by the prospect of adding to the continued growth and success of Complete Business Systems

Why Join The CBS Team:

  • Company culture that believes in a healthy work/life balance
  • Lucrative opportunity with upward mobility
  • $60,000-$70,000 realistic OTE in First Year
  • $75,000-$100,000 OTE in Second Year
  • $100,000+ OTE in Third Year
  • All-expense paid vacation for you and a significant other for top performers (Presidents Club)
  • Quarterly Bonus and awards dinners for top performers
  • Company sponsored non work-related events
  • PTO
  • 401K with company match
  • Car allowance
  • Health, Dental, & Vision benefits

Help Your Clients & Employees Stay Connected!

These days everyone is growing more and more attached to their phones.  Not merely due to bad habits or addictive tendencies but also because business and daily life is becoming more and more attached to smartphones by the day.

Whether its tickets to a show, sending money, or simply doing business via email, more and more people are using their phone as the primary medium to get these things done.  Consequently, people find themselves using public and shared charging stations more and more.

Unfortunately, many of these stations lack security and can be easily manipulated to expose sensitive information from people who have used the charging station.  As more and more of these stations have gone into use around the country, more and more hackers are using them to steal or manipulate sensitive data.

With this in mind, CBS has recently partnered with the new Supernova product line.

Supernova charge stations offer a fantastic solution for businesses to help keep their employees phones charged!  Even better, the units are checked out and returned on premise so you can offer these chargers to your visitors as well.

The charging devices are small and portable and can be returned at the user’s leisure.  The devices are also attached to your cell phone number so it is very easy to check out and return the chargers to the station without confusion or lost chargers.

To learn more about the Supernova product line get in touch with us ASAP.  We have units on-premise to show you and can get your office set up quickly and easily!

Cyber Attacks Are on The Rise. Here Are Just A Few.

Network security and cyber attacks are typically not at the top of most peoples minds.  This isn’t unique to small business or even business owners.  Every person that uses a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. has some vulnerability to being attacked or defrauded by malicious actors with well-designed software.

Cyber attacks come in a seemingly infinite number of forms.  From email phishing scams to installing ransomware that shuts people and businesses down if they don’t pay a ransom to an anonymous criminal and everything in between.  You have probably seen a few of them come to your phone as odd text messages with links in them. (Don’t click them. ever.)

A recent report from the Dailywire.com even suggests that cyberattacks have climbed in frequency already in 2021.  These conclusions are substantiated by the following recent incidents:

Colonial Pipeline Attack – May 2021

JBS (Meat Packaging Company) – June 2021

Steamship Authority Martha’s Vineyard – June 2021

None of the leaders in these businesses likely troubled themselves everyday worrying about their network security or back up protocols.  Why would they?  None of them have probably ever experienced something like a major ransomware, so there was no reason to consider the possibility of being attacked.  But that is the fundamental problem.  You never consider yourself a target until you’ve already been targeted and fallen victim.  But by then, it’s too late.

Here is another list of entities that hold vital data but were also victimized by ransomware:

Durham, NC County Clerks Office (2020)

Baltimore, MD City Offices (2019)

Atlanta, GA City Offices (2018)

City and county offices are growing in popularity as targets for phishing scams and ransomware too.  Again, not typically the kinds of offices you would expect criminals to exact ransoms from but that is what makes them vulnerable.

What is even more scary is how quickly we all collectively forgot about the indiscriminate “WannaCry” ransomware attack of May 2017.  That ultimately hurt thousands of businesses and people from over 150 countries.  The World Health Organization (WHO) was attacked during the COVID-19 pandemic.  PlayStation was hit back in 2011.  North Korea attacked Columbia Pictures in 2014 over the release of the film “The Interview”, which made satirical jokes about the North Korean government.  Equifax was breached in 2017 which resulted in the exposure of hundreds of thousands of confidential records about people’s credit.

What we see here is a pattern of indiscriminate but very damaging assaults on a diverse and varied number of networks, verticals, and computing parameters.  The point is that nobody is really safe or an unlikely target.  Anyone can get attacked at anytime.

The other thing that all these incidents have in common is that all of them have occurred in the last ten years, and all but two have happened in the last four.  Furthermore, once the incidents were investigated, it was very common to see that people working within these organizations had bad security practices or none at all.

It would be foolish to claim that all of these attacks could have been avoided with network security and standard backups, but it is fair to say that regular backups and thoughtful security protocols would have greatly minimized the pain, damage, and cost.  It is also fair to say that some of the incidents could have been avoided altogether.

What the takeaway should be is that security matters.  But people don’t have that epiphany until it’s too late.

If you have questions or think your network could benefit from better security protocols do not hesitate to contact us at CBS or your current I.T. service provider and have your network assessed.  This process doesn’t take long and could do a lot to help ensure your business and personal information remains safe.

3 Ways Network Assessments Protect Your Business

Getting a regular network assessment for performance and security is rarely at the top of a business owner’s mind.  With a million other things that are typically more pressing and time-sensitive bombarding company employees from the CEO to the I.T. administrator, it’s not uncommon to see regular network assessments go by the wayside.  As a result, it is quite easy to set aside important network maintenance issues in preference for focusing on more pressing or urgent tasks.

However, as business has evolved and other factors have led to more and more remote-working habits, the relationship with the internet and business networks has rapidly and greatly evolved in a relatively short period of time.  As a result of this evolution, it is more important than ever to audit and regularly assess your network for a myriad of reasons.  Since it would take a great deal of time to discuss each potential error or challenge that can arise from a vulnerable or inefficient network, we will focus on the most important three.

1.  Security

Network security may seem like an obvious talking point but there is more complexity to this issue than people realize.  First of all, security is not just as simple as having firewalls and spam filters.  Proper security measures also include other elements such as login protocols, cloud access, maintaining current and updated hardware and software, remote access, and more.

Since the last year has drastically changed how people access work information and interact with business documents online, it is quite common to see network security that worked great one or two years ago have unpredicted vulnerabilities due to an adjustment in regular working habits.

Performing quarterly or yearly network assessments is a simple and easy way to get a top-down view of your network and how you and your team interact and operate on it.  Despite working habits continuing to change, you can keep your security and network performance in line with this evolution.

2.  Efficiency

Similarly with network security, business and employee efficiency can be directly linked to your network performance.  The most obvious example is when an employee can’t access work documents remotely due to dated or poorly designed network access protocols.  Having your team consistently be able to access work documents quickly and efficiently is more important than ever with a growing remote workforce.

This breaks down into two parts.  Hardware and software.

Having current and reliable technology may be an obvious suggestion, but technology is evolving faster than ever so people need to understand that hardware more than a few years old could present potential challenges with regard to network access and performance.

Software performance and integration is the second part of the equation.  Even if you have the best tech money can buy, it needs to properly integrate and function with your vital business software.  With more employees moving from the office to remote work, it is common to see a loss in average efficiency due to slow performance or regular network access problems.

By doing regular network assessments, you can easily identify what hardware and software is potentially slowing you down and make adjustments accordingly.

3.  Overhead Cost

Last but not least, regular network assessments offer valuable feedback that allow businesses to streamline their internal functionality and minimize fiscal waste.  Knowing what hardware and software is working is only part of the conversation.  The second thing to consider is whether or not there is an opportunity to simplify or remove potential hardware, software, or processes that result in wasted time, resources, or both.

Analyzing network assessment data is very much a process where you get back what you put in.  If your I.T. team or manager is not regularly looking through reports to find areas of loss or inefficiency, then it is very possible and likely that you could be spending extra dollars for literally no reason.

Taking a moment to audit a network is not a terribly time consuming process and if done regularly can really help a business in several manners including employee performance, business expenses, and network security.

Is Your Remote Connection Slowing You Down?

One of the most frustrating challenges facing remote workers today is having inconsistent or slow access to business files and networks.  While there are a multitude of ways to connect to your business network, not all of them are as reliable or fast.  Below is a list of the three most common problems facing users that depend on remote access to do work.


The first and most common challenge faced by remote workers is inconsistent or regular slow connection speeds.  The main reason is many remote connections have minimal bandwidth so if the user is trying to work inside of a large application like Quickbooks, it is difficult and time consuming for the information to get through to the end user.

The best way to work around this potential hurdle is to use a cloud-based solution like Microsoft Azure.  The single sign-on feature coupled with more dedicated bandwidth offered in the cloud makes it very easy to directly access your network and applications without being bottlenecked through slow network connections.


The next issue that users face is more focused on reliability.  Due to the same reasons that speed and performance is slowed, connectivity and reliability are also a challenge.  This can really be a problem for people that need consistent access to their files.  Getting kicked off or dropped from the network could be very frustrating as files and adjustments could be lost without being properly saved and updated.

Cloud based solutions can be set up and formatted to make sure that users have consistent access and reliable security features.  However, the best way to manage these applications and platforms is with a certified and trained partner.  Since all businesses operate in their own unique way, it takes specialized and nuanced expertise to maximize the value and efficiency of these platforms.

Design Limitations

Lastly, it is important to understand and appreciate that not all remote access platforms are designed for large file transfers or simultaneous multiple users.  Since much of the working landscape has changed so rapidly in the last year, it is not unusual to see some businesses struggling to find solutions that allow them to work to their full operational potential.

What is important is identifying what is most important for your business.

Do you work with financial or confidential information?

If so, you may put security as your highest priority.

Do you have a large company and need hundreds of users to have reliable access to your network? 

In that case you may need a solution that is more focused on single sign-on access with a large amount of bandwidth to support your workforce

Are you getting disconnected from the network all the time? 

This could be as simple as bandwidth or dated software.  This could be quickly fixed by moving to a cloud based network.

These are just a few of the potential questions that someone might consider when thinking about ways to improve access and performance for remote users.  However, there are many more variable and details to consider so if you are dealing with problems or headaches accessing your business network, give us a call to set up a network audit!

Maximize Your Technology Investment With Our Tiered Color Program

It is no secret that even in remote working times like these, documents still need to be printed.  Everything from standard black and white documentation to colorful promotional banners advertising the latest meal delivery service promotion.  Furthermore, as we continue to push through these challenging times and restore a sense of normalcy and order to daily business, the demand for printing will likely increase dramatically.

With all the financial strain that has come with the last year of pandemic related social struggles, it is important now more than ever to ensure that you aren’t wasting important dollars on easily overlooked investments.  One of the heaviest costs that companies tend to overlook is the amount of time and money they invest in printing systems and supplies.  This is an easy error to make since waste happens in very small increments.  Perhaps printing a document with color more often than normal or printing different assets that use different amounts of color.  Each print job will only cost a few cents but once you factor in volume, that small amount can turn rather large quite quickly.

With challenges and circumstances like these in mind, CBS has developed a 3-tiered managed printing program to help minimize your overall investment and minimize waste.  The philosophy is quite simple.  Since you know what you print and have an idea of how much, we have put together flat-rates based on your colored ink usage.  The tiered design allows for flexibility and forgiveness with respect to printing practices.  Here is how they break down:

Tier 1 – Business Color/Low Coverage – This is perfect for standard business applications such as letterheads or standard financial statements.

Tier 2 – Creative Color/Medium Coverage – This tier is more for offices that create a lot of printed presentations with visuals like colored graphs or charts.

Tier 3 – Full Color/High Coverage – This is for businesses that design or produce large marketing pieces with high resolution imagery.

These optional printing programs are offered as part of any standard copier agreement.

Ever since rolling out the 3-tiered printing platform, CBS has saved overhead expenses for numerous clients and that list continues to grow.  With more and more clients using creative platforms like this, they can maximize their output without spending extra.

There simply is no good reason to waste dollars on printing anymore.  To learn more about rates or getting the platform started for your business please get in touch with us today!

E-mail Security in a Work From Home World

Moving from the office to working from home has brought with it more than a few changes to how we all do business.  Shifting environments means we have had to shift our practices regarding a multitude of processes, ranging from security protocols, to e-mail to basic network user access.

How can employees access private business information without losing security?

How can we make it easy for employees to access, use, and share vital information easily and efficiently?

How can we make data and vital business applications available anywhere to remote users?

These are just a few of the questions that business owners and I.T. specialists were facing virtually over night.

The good news is that most major service providers have already been developing and considering new ways to support these working environments for some time.  So the questions no longer surrounded if the necessary protocols and security measures could be implemented, but instead:

How many platforms, applications, and protocols were needed?

How/if could they be properly integrated?

What would it look like for each independent business?

How is the remote user affected and what measures need to be put in place to have them work properly?

While these may seem like simpler or easier problems to be faced with, they actually aren’t.  Security solutions and access protocols are very much customized around the unique needs and internal processes of each business.  So there is no simple, or one-size-fits-all solution regarding security.  Technical expertise is essential when developing and implementing a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure.

By using Office 365 or Azure you can allow for simple, single sign-in access to your network that has fully functional data backups and security in place.  Files that are being used and accessed remotely are being done so within the safety and security of a managed cloud service.  Furthermore, by setting up the platforms to integrate properly you allow remote employees easy and quick access to their active directory and files without losing or altering established access parameters.

Having these platforms implemented by experts creates a work from home environment that allows users to enjoy the access, functionality, and security of a fully functional business network.  However, due to the multitude of different functions and applications with platforms like Azure, it is very easy to make a mistake in setup that compromises performance.  So make sure you are working with an expert when you go through the setup process or you could mistakenly allow for potential vulnerability regarding security or performance.

One of the places where businesses are most vulnerable is through e-mail access and bad practices.  Since it is very easy to bounce information in and out of e-mail, many businesses could find themselves exposed to phishing scams, ransomware, and other digital threats that they didn’t face when they were working within their own on-premise networks.

E-mail is being used more and more maliciously now than ever before.  Security breaches can easily happen if employees are not properly trained on how to use e-mail appropriately.  Creating protocols for securely accessing e-mail and data that are simple to use, yet still extremely protective, can help prevent breaches that can cripple a business.

From local government offices to small privately owned business, everyone was targeted and many were victimized by phishing scams, ransomware, and spam attacks in 2020.  Most trends like this tend to get more malicious and brazen over time so it is important now more than ever to ensure that your employees are not making simple mistakes that can compromise vital information.

Here are a few examples of bad e-mail practices that compromised networks, private information, and destroyed businesses:

  • E-mailing company files to personal e-mail for easy access.  This takes private data from a secure environment to a potentially exposed network.
  • Clicking malicious e-mails that could have been filtered with proper security.  These e-mails often look safe an convincing and typically seem like they are from a trusted source.  It only takes one mistaken click to compromise a wealth of information.
  • Working as a remote user outside of the network opens up the potential for gaps to arise within the disaster recovery or backup protocols.  If your business network is regularly backing up your e-mail data, you will lose that the moment someone migrates files off the business network.

These are just a few of a growing list of examples where people and businesses were victimized over mishaps in e-mail.  There are plenty of steps and pre-emptive measures available to help mitigate and avoid these potential security pitfalls.

CBS has an experienced and certified team of I.T. network specialists that are ready to assist you in both setting up and optimizing your cloud network.  Contact us anytime to set up a network audit or simply ask a question.

2020 In Review: New Technology and A New Way of Doing Business

It is no secret that 2020 was one of the most challenging years in the history of the US economy.  Businesses and people from every industry were drastically impacted and almost all of us were asked to alter our way of doing work and conducting business in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  CBS was no different.  But we had the added challenge of serving as a reliable and trustworthy resource for our clients who had to make the same or similar operational adjustments that we were making.

We are proud to say that we rolled out a myriad of solutions to aid in these efforts, ranging from Equipment Dropship Programs to enhanced Remote Working Platforms all the way to a comprehensive suite of “Contact Free” technologies.  Despite the numerous challenges, CBS stayed ahead of the evolving and changing operational demands to keep our clients working efficiently throughout this difficult year.

Below are three of the biggest and most influential products and services that we rolled out in 2020.

Ricoh Dropship and Contact-Free Programs

Back in March, when the initial lockdown took effect, people were asked to work remote in any situation possible.  However, most people lack the advanced printing and copying technology that they make regular use of while working in the office.  In response, Ricoh and CBS rolled out a dropship program to get “plug and play” devices in the hands of people working from home.

Ricoh was not finished though.  As stay-at-home restriction loosened over the summer, more people were making their way back to the office.  But the fear and concerns about COVID were still very much a real problem.  This created a unique challenge.  How could we maximize the value of the technology while minimizing the potential transmission of germs from using a shared device?

The answer was the Ricoh Contact-Free copier functionality.  Ricoh has made it possible to use all the primary features of your device without having to physically interact with the machine.  You can you use your personal wireless device to access your address book to share information.  Copying, scanning, fax, and printing can all now be done with most Ricoh devices without touching the machine.

Phone Services

Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing

Printing functionality wasn’t the only thing that was potentially lost by moving workforces remote.  People also needed to access their company data and interact with their CRM and other databases.  What is more, people still needed to collaborate and interact so the demand for tools like Microsoft Teams skyrocketed.

The CBS I.T. division made a priority of ensuring that people had access to not only major cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, but we also guided and helped our clients in setting up and optimizing performance.

Using a tool like Microsoft Azure allows you to streamline your login and access to your suite of Microsoft tools, including Teams, Outlook, and more!  Azure is extremely complex and has a lot of moving pieces though so having experts like the I.T. team at CBS is essential to ensure not only proper setup and functionality, but also security.

With more and more people working remote and accessing company data from numerous locations and networks, it is also vital that you have proper security and disaster recovery protocols established.  With CBS and Microsoft Azure, our clients were able to remain productive and maintain peace of mind with regard to their vital data and operations.

New Wide Format Technology

With regard to some changes that were not directly in response to COVID-19, CBS now offers technology for Vinyl printing and wraps.  Due to a large and growing demand from businesses in Denver, we decided to expand our wide format catalogue to include technology that uses UV, eco-solvent, and solvent based inks.

  • UV – UV based inks are very strong and durable.  This is the perfect type of ink for something that will be outside and exposed to harsh elements on a regular basis.  While UV based printing technology is a bit more expensive, the investment is well worth it if you plan on exposing your work to harsh elements
  • Eco-Solvent – This is a great ink for something that needs to be durable and long lasting but stays inside.  The eco-solvent ink design is to offer a solvent level of print quality without the harsh fumes.
  • Solvent – Solvent ink is great if you need something to withstand the elements but don’t need it to last as long or be as durable as something printed with UV.  However, the chemicals in the ink can be harsh to breathe so these items should not be displayed indoors without good air ventilation.

While there were quite a few other offers and services we rolled out in 2020, these three ranked towards the top with regards to client interest and deployment.  All of these services and new technologies are here to stay as we will continue to grow and evolve our catalogue of products and services.

We may not yet know what challenges will face us in the coming year, but we can all be certain that the shared difficulties and struggles of 2020 will only strengthen our resolve and prepare us for whatever lies ahead.

From all of us at CBS, have a happy holiday season and New Year!