Get More out of Your Business Copier

With Complete Business Systems, your copier is more than just a copier. Far from being the single-use tools that they were years or even decades ago, modern copiers come with a whole suite of features and integrations that make your office run smoother, more quickly, and more securely than ever.

We partner with some of the nation’s top brands of business and enterprise copiers, including Ricoh, Kyocera, Savin and more. These OEMs allow us to provide our clients with cloud-based and integration solutions that enable greater flexibility, remote work, and more. Read on to learn more about these innovative new services that we have on offer here at CBS.

Ricoh Smart Integration (Ricoh RSI)

RicohSmart Integration from Ricoh, also known as Ricoh RSI, is a suite a features bundled into each Ricoh Multifunction Copier (MFC) to make it easier to scan, convert, manage and more. It turns your MFC into your office’s document management hub, centralizing all your document management into one place and allowing you to perform time-consuming tasks faster than ever before.

Ever had to scan a scan a paper document, convert it to another format, upload it to the cloud, then email it to others in your office? Long sequences of steps like these eat into your time and the time of others in your business, but with RSI all of this can be automated and completed with just a few taps of a button. Here’s a more complete list of the things RSI can manage for you:

  • Print documents directly from your phone
  • Scan directly to the cloud
  • Implements device-level authentication for increased security
  • Native SharePoint integration
  • Automatic data extraction
  • Numerous workflow-enhancing behind-the-scenes optimizations
  • No additional hardware required!

Ricoh RSI is ready for activation on all of our printers here at CBS.

Kyocera Cloud Print & Scan

KyoceraKyocera Cloud Print & Scan is Kyocera’s native cloud platform technology that provides document and workflow optimization for small- to medium-sized businesses. Being built for the cloud, it integrates with most major cloud platforms natively and enables users to print and scan from anywhere via their mobile devices. It also bolsters your document security and enhances your business’s printing management capabilities.

Here’s a fuller list of what Kyocera Cloud Print can do:

  • Print and scan from your phone or mobile device
  • Enhanced security via user authentication
  • Manage printing policies and quotas
  • Integration with the most popular cloud services: SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box.com
  • Automatic report generation

We’re pleased to provide Kyocera Cloud Print with all of our Kyocera MFCs and MFPs.