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Production Printing

These days everyone is growing more and more attached to their phones.  Not merely due to bad habits or addictive tendencies but also because business and daily life is becoming more and more attached to smartphones by the day.

Whether its tickets to a show, sending money, or simply doing business via email, more and more people are using their phone as the primary medium to get these things done.  Consequently, people find themselves using public and shared charging stations more and more.

Unfortunately, many of these stations lack security and can be easily manipulated to expose sensitive information from people who have used the charging station.  As more and more of these stations have gone into use around the country, more and more hackers are using them to steal or manipulate sensitive data.

With this in mind, CBS has recently partnered with the new Supernova product line.

Supernova charge stations offer a fantastic solution for businesses to help keep their employees phones charged!  Even better, the units are checked out and returned on premise so you can offer these chargers to your visitors as well.

The charging devices are small and portable and can be returned at the user’s leisure.  The devices are also attached to your cell phone number so it is very easy to check out and return the chargers to the station without confusion or lost chargers.

To learn more about the Supernova product line get in touch with us ASAP.  We have units on-premise to show you and can get your office set up quickly and easily!