How Organizations Can Start Focusing on Cyber Security

In recent times, cyber security has become a crucial aspect for companies across the globe. However, it is still not given the importance that it deserves. In 2021, there were 5 major cyber-attacks that involved ransomware, and millions of dollars were either stolen or extorted by cybercriminals. 

In April, Colonial Pipeline’s 100 gigabytes worth of data was stolen within two hours, and the company had to pay the hackers $4.4 million in Bitcoin. Later, the same year, Acer fell victim to an attack and had to pay $50 million, which is one of the biggest amounts to ever have been paid to date. 

The list can go on with numerous other companies such as Brenntag, JBS Foods, and more. All these cases have two simple yet significant learnings:

  • People need to start seeing cyber security as a business decision rather than an auxiliary part of a company’s infrastructure. 
  • Cyber security is not a one-time fix. It is an always-on, ever-evolving process that needs constant attention. 

Understanding this has never been more important. Ever since the global pandemic and the resultant lockdown, organizations have started moving towards digital transformation.

Companies are strategizing and devising plans for hybrid work models where people can work both on-premises and remotely. In fact, an Accenture report also stated that 63% of high-revenue growth companies chose to go with the hybrid model. Having a widely dispersed staff can compromise network security and shed light on your organization’s cyber security vulnerabilities. 

Document & Cyber Security

With such insights, it is evident that cyber security will play a key role in organizations and companies. So, what are the best cyber security practices to strengthen security and safeguard the organization? We put together a list below so you will know what to look for when you are looking for a cyber security partner to keep your organization safe.  

Best Practices to Improve Cyber Security

IT Security Audits

This can be a yearly or bi-yearly activity, where a company’s cyber security infrastructure goes through an audit by experienced vendors who specialize in the field. This way, you’ll know the gaps in the system and can fill them accordingly.

Training Workforce

A significant number of cyberattacks happen through spam, phishing emails, or employee systems in the organization. So, you must ensure that you spend time training your workforce, educating them about security, raising awareness, and also teaching the best practices. 

Contingency Plans

In the event of a disaster, there needs to be a well-structured plan that directs the personnel on various steps to take. For this, you must have an incident response team ready. This team can identify, contain, and eliminate cyberattacks, minimizing the impact of any security breach. 


Invest in insurance to save the business thousands and millions of dollars. Cyberattacks are inevitable, and with each passing day, their complexity and nature are evolving. Cyber security doesn’t guarantee safety; it merely decreases your chances of getting hacked. So, on a rainy day, when your organization faces an attack and incurs a loss, you should have insurance that cuts losses.


Overall, cyber security is something organizations, businesses, and essentially anyone owning a digital device needs to focus on. After all, the world is moving towards digitalization, and it is imperative that you keep your infrastructure safe. If you think your company could use a cyber security audit reach out to our team at Complete Business Systems today.