Ricoh and Savin Have Merged: What You Need to Know

SavinRicohTwo giants in the field of business printers and copiers, Ricoh and Savin, are now operated exclusively under the name Ricoh. While this may seem like a wrench thrown into your workflow at first glance, the fortunate reality is that not much will change in the way you operate your business’s workflow or service your printers, copiers, and other office hardware. We’ll walk you through what exactly has changed between the Ricoh and Savin brands, and how you’ll approach using and servicing your devices in the future.

Savin is now Ricoh and What It Means for You

While Savin has been a brand owned by the Ricoh Corporation since the the 1990’s, only very recently has the Savin name been phased out in favor of the more ubiquitous Ricoh name. While Savin and Ricoh have, until now, been distinct despite being owned by the same company, the Ricoh Corporation has moved to unify their brandnames and product lines. The Lanier brand, also owned by the Ricoh Corporation, is being merged with the Ricoh name at this time as well.

This means that, while the Savin name is going to gradually disappear over the coming years or even decades, not much will change regarding your Savin machines and how they operate. All currently supported Savin machines will continue to be supported by Ricoh, just as they have been to this point, and Savin dealers and distributors will continue to sell and lease Savin equipment. Ricoh will also continue to sell OEM parts, refills, accessories, etc. for all currently supported Savin machines, as normal.

At worst, the biggest inconvenience you may face is a change in where you’ll find drivers and downloads for your Savin equipment, or a change in the  webpage from which you buy parts, etc. for your Savin machine direct from the manufacturer. Fortunately, Ricoh’s website will redirect your browser to the new, proper page for these downloads if necessary.

At best, almost nothing will change with your machines or workflow at all. Simply keep using your Savin equipment like normal, and there’s a decent chance you won’t even notice a difference — especially if you partner with an office equipment dealer that handles maintenance and upkeep of your Savin machines for you.

How Do I Service My Current Savin Printer or Copier?

For larger businesses and corporations, your in-house IT department will be able to continue servicing your Savin machines like normal. A few, very minor adjustments within your IT department will be all that’s necessary to keep your workflow running smoothly — dealing mostly with where technicians can now find Savin’s resources, documents and downloads online.

For medium- to smaller-sized businesses, your IT solutions partner will continue to service your Savin equipment like normal. As a licensed Ricoh dealer, Complete Business Systems of Colorado is also a licensed Savin dealer with factory-trained technicians. We continue to distribute and service all Ricoh-supported printers under the Ricoh, Savin and Lanier names. Get in touch with us today if you’re in search of a reliable, trusted IT and business printer and copier partner in the Denver metro area.